Kevin’s mission is reassuringly straightforward, to work with people who feel that whatever they’ve achieved so far is a fraction of what they could be. Specifically, where “the next step” has become a defining moment in their business evolution.

That “next step” may be the partial or full exit of the current business leaders, it could be the growth of the management team to scale the business. That step may have to be the creation of the clear plan, which becomes the living DNA of the business, so that everyone is focussed on the meaning and purpose of the journey. Sometimes it’s about the daily realities of driving cash, profits and process to set the foundations for growth.

For many businesses the surprising truth is that regardless of how successful you are now, the single most transformative act would be to adopt a continuous planning attitude and back it up.

Adopting a continuous planning attitude is Defining the outcome you want, Designing the way you will get there, and through accountability, consistency, focus, flexibility and execution Delivering on your desired outcome.

Kevin started his first business in his twenties, in his thirties he dealt with the demands of being a single parent and Corporate life. The forties were busy and included training & qualifying as a Financial Advisor & Stockbroker as well as motorcycle instructor. Which brings us to the fifties where since 2011 Kevin has combined his life lessons on resilience, attitude, focus and perspective with 25 years of ActionCoach expertise to work with growth businesses and great people.

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