Since we’ve been working with Kevin our business has gone from being a good business that had plateaued at just under £2 Million to one of consistent growth. We’ve increased our top line number three-fold and the same for profit, in an unglamorous manufacturing business. We’re working towards having a more effective Board structure and developing the next generation management team and business leaders. The major personal benefit is that I now work 3 days a week and have stepped back from day to day business activities completely.

Brian Prince Director, JKH Drainage Units Limited

We started working with Kevin when we needed to transition the leadership of the business from one generation to the next. Whilst achieving that, we’ve grown our wider Management team, acquired another business and are developing more leaders within the team. Of all the things Kevin brings to our business two especially stand out for us. The rhythm of our 90-day planning makes sure we keep on track with our longer-term goals, review the progress in the previous quarter and apply the lessons learnt to the next 90-days. The other thing we really value is that Kevin holds us accountable to delivering on our promises to ourselves and the business.

David & Richard Evans, Directors DJE Construction Ltd.

Kevin was an integral part of the growth of our business. We are now able to visualise what we want from our business and where we want it to be. We have important systems in place and a much better understanding of our business as a whole. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of all the books and podcasts you should be reading/listening to – which is very useful! A pleasure to work with and highly recommended.

Jon Rhodes Director, Insert Coin Ltd.

Kevin has helped me with invaluable business coaching, the 90-day planning strategy has helped me to break my business goals down into an action plan for implementing, innovating and measuring our progress. This process has accelerated our development and we achieved more in one year than we had the previous 3.

Tarquin Ellington Owner, TKE Landscaping

Looking back it would be difficult to overestimate the impact that working with Kevin has had on both our business and our lives. It’s fair to say we didn’t know what we didn’t know, which was an expensive lesson. Coaching has been a journey, and not always an easy or comfortable one, but it has been what we needed. Kevin has helped us to transform the way in which we think about our business and ourselves as business owners. We’ve moved from being the technicians in the business to having a clear understanding of the direction in which we are heading and why. We’ve used the tools he’s shown us to set ourselves ambitious targets and overachieve. It wasn’t that long ago that if you’d told us we’d grow the business fivefold we’d have just laughed, yet that’s exactly what we’ve done so far.

Lucy & Charlie Russell Co Directors, Personal Images Ltd.