Working 1-2-1

If you’re the business owner that wants practical, results driven activities that change your business this is the programme for you. Whether your business is growing, or has settled, you can make a difference by relying on tools and processes proven across all sectors around the globe.

Based on a rhythm of weekly and monthly sessions, working with Kevin, you’ll adapt and focus on the short, medium and longterm news of your business and people.

On top of which you’ll be able to home in on the personal dreams and aspirations that were always a driver for your life but perhaps get lost in your business.

Creating Value 1-2-1

When you’ve been working in your business over the years it’s hard to let go of the day to day or step back and truly review where you are.

The truth is that either you take that time or something will happen to compel you.

You may have hit a growth ceiling in your plans or team development, perhaps even fallen out of love with your business. Often it’s as straightforward as hitting a significant Birthday and thinking ‘I want a return on my effort and more time enjoying the rewards’. Usually followed by the question ‘How?’

Working 1-2-1 on creating value, you’ll define exactly what is valuable to you and how you measure it. You’ll increase the positive impact of your activities and behaviours, as well as your teams by developing leadership styles, mindset and performance. Kevin’s

Kevin’s straightforward and pragmatic guidance will help you clarify and articulate what you really want to achieve and the steps you as a leader need to take to make that happen.

Not for the faint hearted, this is when you decide what success and significance looks like for you and which is the most important.

Business Planning

Let’s be candid, most owners know they should have a clear, written plan…but they don’t.

If you’re one of those, you know all the well-rehearsed reasons. ‘Too busy, not enough time, what’s the point as soon as they’re written they’re out of date’.

And yet you plan your holiday and how to buy your latest hobby /indulgence.

So, don’t think of a business plan, get into the habit of planning, it’s all about the preparation. Preparing for the things that may happen, best version, worst case, most likely.

Make it easy on yourself and rather than have to slog through a single mountain of work break it down into a step-by-step relevant, tailor-made process.

Focus on the next 90 day growth strategy aimed at driving more profit and performance into your business. Learn how to write 90 days of preparation for the next phase of your business and team development. You’ll gain access to some of the best business tools for success and be guided as to which are most relevant for your circumstances right now.

By the end of your first session, you will have a clear picture of where your business will be in 90 days’ time and the step-by-step actions to get you there. You’ll also feel more in control and organised and have added more growth tools to your armoury.