We’ve all had plenty of good intentions…and we’ve been annoyed with ourselves when we didn’t do what we intended.

So how do you break that habit and build the new habit of successful behaviours for you?

The First place to start is by understanding how you form habits,  how you can be trapped by them and how you change them.

The best suggestion I can make to building that insight is to get James Clear’s book…”Atomic habits” which takes you through the key elements of habit forming.





and the associated 4 laws to either build new habits.

You’ll also understand how, by turning those Laws on their heads how to change the bad habits you don’t want.

When James presented at our Business Excellence Awards Forum (in April *) a couple of comments especially stood out given the experiences many business owners have.

“We don’t rise to the level of our Goals, we fall to the level of our systems “

“The process of success is often hidden from view”

and to paraphrase another comment, a negative environment kills positive habits.

When you’re thinking of your own circumstances how much of that rings a bell?

When your ambitious goals weren’t fulfilled, was the shortfall because the systems you needed weren’t strong enough to see you through, rather than the vividness of your goal?

When you look back was that lapse in execution because the routine of process just wasn’t that exciting?

It didn’t have that hit of instant reward, because the process of success is hidden it’s not as engaging as the glamorous goal.

There’s a large element of routine and repetition in success and guess what? As the entrepreneur in the business you are much more likely to be attracted to the next, new & exciting shiny thing!

For you, repetition is the dull stuff you want other people to do.

Another truth is that every high performer at some point gets bored with the routine, the difference is that the high achievers stick with the process especially when they’re bored with the routine.

As James said “The process of success is often hidden from view” he also added.

Good habits are often immediately UNsatisfying

Bad habits are often immediately gratifying

Highly effective systems provide the support and structure you need to ensure the process of success comes clearly into view for you.


Get James’s book or listen to the audio and if you’d like to know more contact me.

*Check out the 2020 BEFA at https://actioncoach.co.uk/featured-events/the-business-excellence-forum-awards-2020-befa2020/