Do you believe in 5? Do you want to change your Average?

Whether you do or don’t believe Jim Rohn’s saying  “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” it throws up many searching questions for business owners.

  • How aware are you of the impact the people you spend time with is having on you?
  • Do you feel better for the time spent with them?
  • Do you spend time with them because…that’s what you’ve always done?
  • Who will you need to be spending time with for the next part of your journey? 
  • Are you planning and excited about the future, or are you just running on the treadmill?
  • Is now the time to be nurturing and pruning some key relationships?

Are You happy with Your Average?

Whatever questions you’re asking yourself, there’ll be a thread running through them, that thread is about changing some of the things you’re doing.

So when you’re ready to change your Average, start with reflecting on who you’re hanging out with.

How about spending some time with these people?

There’s a good chance that’ll move your Average.

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