It’s not the score…that’s the result, the answer is when you’re smiling, that winning smile.

You might think the winning smile comes in the big, fanfare blasting moment of the medal, the promotion or the deal.

The winning smile comes from the daily demands of doing the right thing and holding yourself  accountable to the only person who truly matters…YOU.

Frank Dick O.B.E put it best in his book ‘Winning Matters’

“Remember in life you are accountable only to the person who looks back at you from the mirror each morning. You know whether that person is doing the right thing or not. If the face smiles – forget what others might say right now. In time they will learn! If the smile is not there, then be your own tough task master.”

So what is doing the right thing?

Woody Allen said “80% of success is turning up”, so turn up, every day.

As you turn up, use Fiona Macauley’s definition of WIN to hone that day’s attitude and your actions.

What’s Important     Now?

Then connect that to HOW you do the right thing, your behaviours, your standards. 

Vince Lombardi and Sir Jackie Stewart, respectively said:

“The objective is to win: fairly, squarely, decently, win by the rules, but still win”

“It is only those who have won with integrity and care, over an extended period of time, who have become universally regarded as successful.”

So, what does it take to turn up every day with an attitude for winning, to smile every day?

Your mindset, Walter Wintle in his poem ‘Thinking’ said.

“Success begins with a fellow’s will

It’s all in the state of mind.”

To be sure you’re winning and it’s YOUR success, ask yourself these 3 questions

What do I want?

How much does it cost?

Am I prepared to pay the cost?

When the answer is yes and you turn up every day then you’ve built your new habit.

Vince Lombardi also had powerful words on how to hold yourself accountable to build you the person and your performance, the ‘how to make winning a habit’. 

“Winning is a habit. 

Watch your thoughts, they become your beliefs. 

Watch your beliefs, they become your words. 

Watch your words, they become your actions. 

Watch your actions, they become your habits. 

Watch your habits, they become your character.”


The Winning Smile isn’t everything – but making the effort so you can Smile every day is.

How do you know you’re winning?

Keep Smiling.