Have you ever heard people say:

 “Where did the time go?” “Was it all worth it?” “I was so caught up in chasing a prize, I forgot about the people around me.” ”Why didn’t I just….?”

How does that happen?

Is it because they spent their energy focussing on somebody else’s definition of value?

So, when was the last time you stopped and checked out what’s valuable to you about your business?

What it is that fulfils you, is fun, that you care about & gives you a sense of purpose.

Your answer to that will guide how you:

  • Leave a legacy, a new start for others.
  • Enjoy the quality of life you really want, the independence, the flexibility.
  • Build the financial resources you want.
  • Accept & embrace the recognition you get from your accomplishments and the difference you make.

There’s little doubt that your response to those things change over time.

What seemed of little consequence a few years ago can become vital.

Taking the time to make sure you, your partners, and your business are aligned with what you value may be a straightforward process or disturbingly uncomfortable.

Whichever it is, you owe it to yourself to do what needs to be done.

Set aside the time to work out what you value. If that feels difficult for you, reach out to someone and just say ‘I need your help with…’

That’s the only way to avoid the sense of loss & regret that comes from realising, too late, that you spent your time chasing things that held no real value for you.